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Apart from construction, blue limits offers extensive list of consultancy services such as:


 • Above and below water inspection services for marine and coastal structures such as seabed, seawalls, piers, groins and breakwaters.  

• Marina and component inspections.  

• Technical inspection (pre-purchase & periodic).

• Feasibility studies • cost estimation studies & assessments

• Infrastructure and facilities assessments

• Third party verification  

• Offer repair and/or replacement solutions.

• Due diligence and valuation.   


With our extensive and focused experience in the Saudi market, we understand the concerns and challenges that marina operators face in improving and maintaining marina facilities.  We offer services as following:


• Develop and implement premium standard services.  

• Offer ongoing support based on consulting assignments, management contracts, and industry involvement.  

• Develop operational plans taking into account the regulations and requirements of Saudi authorities.  

• Human resources training and management. 


Blue limits offers comprehensive professional yacht management systems. We can help you make savings on the price of your yacht, reduce the running and maintenance cost, or even generate income. Our management system includes:

• Review and identify short and long-term objectives.

• Design and implement ongoing maintenance programme.  

• Regular inspections on security, equipment, and on-board systems.

• Chartering management.  

• Berthing, maintaining and insuring their yacht.  

• All yachts under our management follow a strict maintenance and cleaning schedule.


Correct maintenance of watercrafts, boats and yachts is the most important part of marina management. A properly maintained marina keeps clients satisfied and extends the life of the marina. Our services include:

• Preventative maintenance. 
• Structural and cosmetic fiberglass and woodwork. 
• Ventilation, ac and water systems.
• Deck, fittings, spare parts and safety equipment. 
• Below decks inspections & mechanical services. 
• Electrical system and components (installations & repair and upgrade). 
• General engines and fuel systems. 
• Inboard & outboard engines. 
• Galley & head systems. 
• Entertainment & sound systems.
• Hydraulic steering pump controls and cables. 

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