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Blue limits marine has specialized solutions and services for residential marina facilities, we offer a client-oriented approach where we tailor our services to the needs of our clients. In short, we design your dreams!


Our services include:  

  • Develop guidelines, specifications & manuals conceptual design.

  • Rehabilitating, and expanding docks.

  • Conduct feasibility studies. 

  • Designing harbours, breakwaters, and marinas.

  • Maintenance of waterfront property. 

  • Design, fabricate and install dock facilities.  

  • Legislation and paperwork. 


Our completed and ongoing projects has displays our commitment and integrity to deliver our work on time
and within budget.


Our work scope includes: 
• Project plan and specification review.
• Bid package preparation & cost estimation.
• Project implementation & project management.
• Construction inspection services.
• Naval architectural services.
• Marine engineering services & consultancy.
• Technical bid evaluations.
• Certified engineering drawings.
• Permits for compliance with government, provincial and district building codes.
• Environmental protection and conservation permits. 


Dredging maintains the depth in existing ports, marinas and channels to provide ready and safe passage for
watercrafts. Our wide-variety services and solutions include:  

• Pre-dredging hydrographic surveys. 
• Clearing silt and sediment from berths and 
• Deepening marina and waterways.  
• Mini excavators to access small and narrow areas. 
• Sludge or settlement dewatering. 
• Marina clearing.
• Marina maintenance dredging. 
• Erosion and shoreline protection.


Our services involve the process of designing and effectively creating a beach with the aim to increase the
level of user comfort and coastal aesthetic. Our services include:

• Pre-construction studies (grain diameter and quantity, gradation, seabed slope).  
• Development of small and large size of sand beach. 
• Beach nourishment projects. 
• Designing the shoreline and construct pebble and stone beaches. 
• Groins. 
• Installation of shark nets. 
• Usage of sand with optimal characteristics. 
• Periodic maintenance.


Blue limit’s solid durable brand provides clients with premium quality long-lasting products. In blue limits, we
select the best material to offer our services, which gives our clients satisfying results every time. Blue limits

• Design of private and commercial marinas.  
• Establishment of anchoring points. 
• Installation of dock systems and jetties.
• Maintenance docking. 
• Permanent and temporary floating marinas. 
• Light plastic pontoons. 
• Heavy-duty breakwaters aluminium pontoons.


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